Thursday, December 29, 2011


november (and december) was pretty busy with school for me. not much went on other than finishing up soccer and a trip to ft. worth for thanksgiving. kaitlyn was really into writing letters to our mayor, tom martin. her class wrote a letter to him requesting a smoking ban for the entire city of lubbock. dream big, kiddos. when he wrote back, kaitlyn was so excited! she took it very personally and decided to write him another letter.

we are still waiting to hear back.

sweet picture of all three of them playing together in the leaves...

the girls were with james for thanksgiving and they enjoyed a trip visiting grandparents in dfw. i sure missed them, but it was nice to get away as well and be with my extended family. i also got to see a couple of friends that i had not seen in too long of a time. it was great to catch up and be reminded of such good, comforting friendships! i have no pictures of the thanksgiving break, but we did take some silly pictures before the girls left.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

major catching up to do!!

gracious! september 7th was the last time i updated. does this surprise anyone? i feel like so much has happened. let's briefly recap, shall we?
the rest of september:
i took the girls to clay cafe to paint a little bit. claire broke hers twice before we even left the place, but hey, she had fun. and a giraffe doesn't really need his ears, right?

it rained for the first time in i don't even remember how many months. so, i let the girls go out and play in it for awhile.

cora lost her first tooth! seemed early to me, but it was ready to come out for sure! that thing dangled by a thread for weeks.

one of my friends from nursing school lives out on some land with a couple of horses. when the girls found out about this, they were dying to go see them. so, we promptly invited ourselves out there! they had a blast riding them around, and getting to feed them.

this year was my 10 year college reunion at ACU. still hard for me to believe that is even possible. some of my very best memories are from the 4 years that i spent there. this was such a fun weekend.

we did some fun things for halloween this year. the ranching heritage center was open for everyone to trick or treat around to all the old houses. there were SO many people there, and it was kind of chilly outside, but it was still fun! grandmama was in town for the weekend and we enjoyed having her with us! we also went to trunk or treat at church and then "real" trick or treating to houses on the actual halloween night.


kaitlyn and cora finished up their soccer seasons. they both did great! kaitlyn's team (Sting) ended up in 2nd place. she is getting used to learning her specific position on the field. she likes playing more defense...she doesn't have to run as much. that's my girl. she's getting the hang of it though! she is about to start playing in an indoor league with the same team as well. we are looking forward to that. (i'm more of an indoor sports fan, myself)  cora's team (butterflies) was...well...4 year old soccer. everyone runs together in one large huddle wherever the ball goes. she loved it though and did great. she scored quite a few times!

november and december coming soon....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

photo booth fun!

i have some updating to do on what we have been up to lately, but i was looking through some of my photo booth pictures on my computer and decided to post some of these instead. they were just too funny not to share. 

claire in her tangled wig...bwahahah..


kaitlyn literally peed in her pants she was laughing at herself so hard. 

my kids are bored of it in the background..not me. i'm still entertaining myself. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

first day of school!

the girls had a great first day of school this year. this is the first year that kaitlyn and cora are in the same school building. kaitlyn started 3rd grade (craaaaazy!!!), and cora started the pre-k program there. claire also started her first day of full-time daycare. i have been so blessed to have been able to stay home with them as long as i have. now that i started nursing school - in she went! i had a hard time leaving her there, but she did great. i'm super pleased with all of their teachers and really think they will all have great years!

kaitlyn was so sweet walking her little sister to class. claire just thought she needed to wear her backpack into the building, even though she goes somewhere else. :)

cora loves her teacher, mrs. cline. she's always commenting on what she wears and what kind of jewelry she has on. 

kaitlyn wanted her picture in front of the huge sunflowers in the garden....

kaitlyn and her locker..

i am so glad that she got mrs. greene. i am not one that requests teachers (no offense to those that do...just not me!), but i secretly prayed that this is who she would get. kaitlyn and i were both super excited. 

claire went straight for the dolls. she has a fun teacher as well, and was excited to go - which made it so much easier for me! 

claire's teacher wasn't there the morning of her first day because she was taking her own kids to school, so i had to take this on the second day. 

i am so truly thankful for all of these teachers that take care of my babies during the day. i pray they all have a great year! i know it will go by so fast.